Welcome.  Welcome to what Shel Silverstein’s poem suggests, “Come in, be a dreamer."

Living in the small, peaceful town of Sunapee, NH, it is easy to understand why Mauli’s art reflects her surroundings. It is the lake, the mountain, the way nature nestles herself into a welcome sign urging one to let go of the velocity the world demands we revolve at.

Mauli’s art tells a story. It speaks clearly of her connection to the wild lands left on this earth. It is quiet, yet bold. It is re-cycled, re-purposed and re-ignites the focus on what lies beyond our doors. As an a naturalist, a “tree-hugger,” call her what you choose, Mauli’s reverence and respect for the natural world is apparent from every fresh or preserved flower arrangement, every antler lamp, vine arbor---whatever her hands touch. The evidence is obvious that nature is the impetus for this woman’s journey and her art is an eye-opening reminder of what we are losing touch with.



Here is a portfolio/documentary of Mauli’s mind and hands at work.  This is her at her most passionate, award-winning-best…botanical-mixed-media style borrowed from no one but Mother Nature, this is unique art that resonates with any style.

Happy trails to you...

Best of NH 2011